Welcome to SimpleScreening.com, your primary source for quality employee screening, and tenant screening. SimpleScreening.com is proud to offer a variety of screening solutions tailored to meet your employment and rental demands. Our goal is to provide you with Simple, Accurate, and Easy to read screening reports.

SimpleScreening.com offers reports online instantly!

Our easy to read reports can uncover the following information about your applicants past.

  • Instant Credit Reports
  • Instant Eviction Searches
  • Instant Criminal Reports
  • Instant SSN Verification
  • Driving Records (24 - 72 hours)
  • On Site County Criminal Report (24 -72 hours)
  • Employment Verification (24 - 72 hours)
  • Education Verification (24 - 72 hours)
SIMPLY customized reports delivered directly to you within seconds.

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