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Cloud Computing Shakes up Hosting Landscape
With so much activity in the Cloud Computing space of late, what happens to traditional hosting services?
Tips in Writing a Good Business Plan
All start-ups including web hosting companies should have one.
Preventing Online Fraud
Measures you can take against online fraud activities regarding payments.
The Fundamentals of Advertising
Understand the fundamentals of any advertising campaign.
Lindows: Linux and Windows Convergence
What happens when Linux and Windows converge?

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VMware War of Words with IDC (Sun, 02 Nov 2008 14:45:40)

VMware disputes the latest virtualization product findings by IDC that shows significant growth from its nemesis, Microsoft.

A Trick to Increase Speed and Optimize Firefox for Performance (Tue, 21 Oct 2008 23:23:00)

A really simple set of configuration changes to improve the performance and responsiveness of Firefox.

Googles Android Now Truly Open Source (Tue, 21 Oct 2008 21:39:36)

Google has finally made the decision to make the Android mobile platform open source and allow community contributors to build into the richness of the project.

Web Host, Fat Cow, Links Up with the American Cancer Society (Mon, 20 Oct 2008 03:04:36)

I just noticed the good chaps over at Fat Cow has decided to participate in Pink October in which they will donate $1 for each new sign up this month in the fight against breast cancer.

Plans in the Pipeline (Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:03:47)

I would like to share some of the plans in the pipeline for HBM over the next month and it includes expanding on our interview section and also our inclusion of product reviews.

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Industry News
Datagram is Ranked One of the Highest Hosting Service Providers
Datagram has been been ranked in the top two hosting provider for the top 100 most popular blogs.
Avnet Technology Solutions Embraces Sharepoint Hosting
Avnet announces the availability of managed sharepoint hosting to help businesses centralize resources, content and workflow.
Interphase Systems Announces Virtualization Exchange 2008
IT Consulting company Interphase Systems will host the Virtualization Exchange 2008, a one day event, for IT leaders in New Jersey.
Rackspace Cloud Hosting Division Appoints New General Manager
Rackspace announces the appointment of Emil Sayegh, a former Dell director, to the post of general management of its Mosso cloud hosting division.
ServerPronto Offers Bailout for Strapped IT Budgets
in the face of shrinking it budgets, ServerPronto is offering a rescue package to bail out companies that need reliable, secure web server hosting.
CM4all Expands its Business to the Middle Eastern Markets
CM4all presents its popular web applications during the Telecoms World Middle East in Dubai.
iland Internet Solutions Provides Network Infrastructure Savings
In tough economic times, iland offers new cloud services for businesses to minimize IT spending and infrastructure costs.

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Interview with Franc Nemanic of Hostopia Inc.
Franc Nemanic, President and Founder of Hostopia Inc., squeezed us in his busy schedule to share his thoughts on outsourcing and how the business grew to become one of the most dominant private label web hosting players in just a few short years.

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