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Outsourcing to digiBlitz is a integral part of your business strategy. It will act as a management tool to improve your company performance and position in the market.  It helps your company to focus on the core business process.  digiBlitz  has the right combination of the people to perform the non-core functions, so that there is no wastage of your time and no reduction  in the profit of your company.

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digiBlitz offers clients who are looking for high quality and cost effective software solutions, from its world class developing center, dedicated facility to support high quality software development, large and qualified resource pool having specialized skills and varying domain expertise, state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure, dedicated high speed internet and communication facilities, physical and network security.

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President's Message…

"Every organization and its system has a set of values and beliefs. Since we understand it very well, we adopt ourself to the culture of our customers and their system. This helps us to reach the bottom of the problems and needs of our customers; thereby providing right services and solutions that keep them far ahead of their competition.

We do not expect just business from our customers; we love to work on projects and make it successful. We know that we will be rewarded automatically. We conduct every transaction with fairness and sincerity and keep our commitments even when it hurts; this makes our customers feel secure and un-risky working with us.

We believe in honoring people behind process or technology than honoring process or technology behind people. This makes our relationship stronger with our customers, employees and shareholders. We follow an open business model and recognize every single project as an account so that it gets a complete attention irrespective of the size and revenue.

                             -  Suresh Balabisegan


Our Customers…

Our customers are typically small size organizations, which are looking for same sized organization that can understand their problems and needs very well and provide solutions accordingly. Following are few of the typical organizations that would need us:

  • Companies looking to grow in recovering economy by taking positive approach in technology and business process modeling.
  • Companies having problems with current technology and IT process and would like to fix them quickly at an affordable cost so that they can catch up with their competitors in the market.
  • Companies looking to cut the cost on spending on trivial business and IT processes and technology by taking strategic approach of outsourcing.
  • Companies looking for investing on next generation technology and process so that they can be far ahead of their competitors in the race.

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