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Filipino Freelance Web Designer!!!

Welcome to www.ROMELO.com. My name is Romelo Itong and this is my Online Portfolio. Through the years, this website has undergone a lot of changes like starting as a static HTML site then moving to a database driven site using ASP and MS Access, as a site using PHP includes into a Postnuke powered site and finally as a site powered by Joomla into Wordpress. The changes made to this site also reflects the changes in my interest. I can safely say that it is a mirror of who I really am.


Website Design

Website Design services are as common as the common cold but those who caters to small/medium enterprises, start-ups, NGOs and individuals are still very rare. This is where I come in.

I will design you a website at a fraction of the cost of what your normal design agency charges. It’s fast, inexpensive and you work directly with the designer himself.

I am a Filipino Web Designer based in the Philippines with more than 8 years experience designing websites both for local and international businesses.

2010_site_creativeribbonsandcraft_001 2010_site_rbrizal_001

Themes and Templates Design

Themes or Templates are very common to popular content management systems like Joomla or blogging programs like Wordpress. I can either help you customize an existing theme/template or help you create a new one with a design custom made just for you. Please view my Portfolio to see some samples of themes and templates I designed. You can also visit some of my blogs for your further review.

blog_kabalyero blog_mmorpgrealm blog_i-tong

Graphics Design

Graphics are very important to a website because it gives the website color and life. I can help you design banners, headers, buttons, etc. for your website. If you need someone to customize existing graphics then I can also help you with that.

Other Services

  • Website Maintenance
  • Wordpress or Joomla installation and setup